Of Core's is a platform dedicated to the underground music scene. The main activity is the promotion of unrecognized bands who are searching their way to the crowd, and the main goal is strengthening of the local scene.

The platform is seen as a mediator between bands and the audience, as a place where the first group shares its music, and the second group finds it and comment on it. But besides affirming bands, Of Core's can also be useful as a platform for trying out and affirming of the ones who have photography and journalistic ambitions.

Music news, album/concert reviews, live interviews and much more. From local and worldwide area!
Share your music or simply stay up to date with mostly underground scene.

-A note to visitors-

*If you have a friend who is in a band, show us the band!
*If you visit a show and you want to do a report on it, please do. The show doesn't have to be of a well known band. All we would need is a proof you were there, and a report of you experience at the show itself.
*Spread the word and share the page!

If this gets big, we promise to travel around the Europe to various shows.

-A note to bands-

We will be posting reports from your shows, and other shows we visit, but we can also announce them, for free, just message us here!
Once we hear your music, once we felt the atmosphere at your shows, we will most likely ask you for an interview if you're nearby.

INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/ofcoresmusic/
MAIL: fcorespress@gmail.com">ofcorespress@gmail.com